The Kendall Collection

Kendall 1I’m not anything special, as far as fashion girls go. I read the blogs all the girls read and check the websites all the girls follow. I always have a Starbucks in my left hand and Instagram on my phone in my right. I have both of Grace Coddington’s Vogue coffee table books and the Alexa Chung, Sophia Amoruso and Leandra Medine memoirs on my bedside table. I have the fashion week schedule posted to my desktop. I hang clothing from mirrors and window sills à la Coveteur, and I’ve seen The September Issue and The Eye Has to Travel docs dozens of times while couching it with takeout.

What I mean is, I can’t promise you anything special or out of the ordinary that has never been seen or done before in fashion because, let’s face it, fashion is pretty overblown. What I can promise is a global and inclusive space where we can all go spelunking into the depths of each others’ closets and share fashion week street style faves amongst ourselves.

My favourite model, as predictable a choice as it may be, is Kendall Jenner. I held reality TV against her for a long time before easing up on her and finally actually collecting Vogue issues featuring the Jenner stunner! I currently have the French mag en route to me now to bulk up my beginner collection.

Who is your favourite model? Do you collect a certain fashion item for yourself to enjoy? Be sure to tell me in the comments below!

P.S. Copenhagen Fashion Week debuted yesterday so tomorrow I will post great duds straight outta Denmark!


Photo credits: Google Images

Kendall 12Kendall 4Kendall 5Kendall 6Kendall 8Kendall 3Kendall 10Kendall 9Kendall 7Kendall 11


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